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Psychedelic Trip Kits

Activities, objects, and guidance, curated for a fulfilling trip.

Follow itineraries of beauty, growth, and deeper connections with those around you.

Explore Kits

Explore trip kits

Mindfully tailored to guide you on a trip that opens up new worlds, giving you more ways to be yourself.

How it works

Physical packages containing curated objects, activities, and guidance, designed to facilitate creative and fulfilling psychedelic trips.

  • Choose a journey

    Tripping alone, with a partner, or with friends? Explore themes of connection, intimacy, growth, joy, and more.

  • Receive your kit

    Check out the setup guide to see what you'll need, then plan a time for your trip. If pairing your trip with a substance, you'll need to bring that yourself.

  • Enjoy your trip

    Go somewhere new with an opening ceremony, themed activities, and objects that inspire awe and delight.