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Psychedelic Trip Kits

Activities, objects, and guidance, curated for a fulfilling trip.

Follow itineraries of beauty, growth, play, and deeper connection with those around you.

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Explore trip kits

Mindfully tailored to guide you on a trip that opens up new worlds and gives you more ways to be yourself.

  • Touchcards

    Regular price $30.00
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    Touchcards is a poetic card game for two or more. Play with lovers, friends, or family, as innocent or intimate as you like.

  • Altered Scapes Issue 1

    Regular price $8.00
    Regular price Sale price $8.00

    Altered Scapes is an art zine exploring art as a source of curiosity and awe to pair with psychedelics. The theme for this issue is, "How long have you been telling that story?"

  • The New Modality Issue 1

    Regular price $40.00
    Regular price Sale price $40.00

    The New Modality is a new publication and community exploring the edges and asking: what is a meaningful life in this rapidly changing world, and how can we all show up to create that?

  • Gift Card

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    Not sure what kit someone might like? Need a gift fast? You're in the right place.

How it works

Physical packages containing curated objects, activities, and guidance, designed to facilitate creative and fulfilling psychedelic trips.

  • Choose a journey

    Tripping alone, with a partner, or with friends? Explore themes of connection, intimacy, growth, joy, and more.

  • Receive your kit

    Check out the setup guide to see what you'll need, then plan a time for your trip. If pairing your trip with a substance, you'll need to bring that yourself.

  • Enjoy your trip

    Go somewhere new with an opening ceremony, themed activities, and objects that inspire awe and delight.