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Peaches & Dream

Peaches & Dream

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A journey and destination to enjoy with a romantic partner. Gently hold an intention for connection through beautiful objects and activities in a kit that itself is part of the experience.

Be present with each other on a delicious exploration of art and delight.

What’s in the kit?

This kit contains everything you need for a trip – apart from any substance you wish to pair with it. Pick and choose from activities, objects, and guidance intended to support a playful journey with:

  • An opening ceremony
  • Five packages with exquisite, interactive art and objects
  • Five activities to get lost in
  • Music, videos, and meditations to deepen your journey
  • Safety information and guidance

With these you will:

  • Align your hearts and minds
  • Connect, ponder, and feel good
  • Get lost in new worlds
  • Engage your senses in new ways
  • Wonder how
  • Get closer and laugh

What to know

Who: With a romantic partner

Good for: Newcomers and experienced travelers alike

Duration: 4–8 hours

Where: A private space

You’ll need:

  • Two writing implements
  • A plate or bowl (optional)

Is it erotic? No, there is nothing explicit in this kit, but there are playful and romantic activities involving touch.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Loved it

The box is so thoughtfully and beautifully laid out, and unwrapping each item felt special and meaningful. The activities transformed our trip into something a little more wonderful and a little more emotional. It was a good surprise.

There are ideas from the box that we have used in every trip since.

The gift that keeps on giving

I've been opening one mini bundle per trip and each one has been amaaaaazing! It's very clear how much thought and planning went into this. I can't wait to explore what else is in the box.

Really well-designed, great experience

As someone who’s designed and planned out so many trips for people… this nailed it. Got it for my girlfriend and I for a long-weekend trip and it was perfect.

We loved it

This was a such a lovely experience. We were so impressed by all the details and everything is put together beautifully. Each item in it is a whole world (the fabric tube thing wow) and we kept dipping back in during our trip. The box is huge and it seemed endless. We honestly didn’t really know what to expect but it just worked!

PJ Workpants
Magical experience

Very thoughtfully put together kit with incredible treasures. Colors, textures and flavors that transform. Would recommend very highly.