Gratitude, adventure, vulnerability, connection, challenge, creation, awe, insight—these define the experiences that bring us closer to each other, bring about change in our lives, leave glowing memories, and help us thrive.

Psychedelics are catalysts for such experiences. Though these journeys can be steered only so much as one can steer a dream, Unfold builds around these dreams so that our fellow travelers can explore with responsibility, grace, and creativity.

In a world of distractions, isolation, and empty calories, we hope to create nutritious experiences of joy and meaning.

About Unfold Trip Kits

We make kits that facilitate creative and fulfilling psychedelic trips.

Our trip kits are physical packages containing curated objects, activities, and guidance. No drugs are included. Each kit is themed according to your environment, who you’re tripping with, and intentions such as connection, exploration, and growth. We think of designing an experience as creating a work of art, and we want to co-create with you.

The psychedelic experience stands on its own: going into nature with some friends is all that’s needed for an incredible trip. But just as we bring our picnics, tents, bikes, and climbing gear into the wilds, when we partner with what we find in nature we can uncover new comforts and challenges.

For more information about our trip kits and how Unfold works, see our FAQ.

About Us

We are two life-long collaborators united by both our differences and similarities, sharing journeys of art, exploration, creative collaboration, and personal growth.

Unfold grows out of our experiences preparing and guiding trips for each other and our communities, as well as our work in peer support and psychedelic harm reduction. After dreaming about the idea for a decade while following the growing recognition of the value of psychedelics, we decided to bring Unfold to life.

Ece Dogrucu

Ece Doğrucu

Ece cares deeply about play, connection, and understanding the human experience. This is what draws her to psychedelics, meditation, and also to becoming a psychotherapist, a journey she recently embarked upon. Ece is good at listening, changing her mind, and empowering others. She is extremely specific and extremely adaptable, and not at all mysterious—it’s just that you hadn’t thought of it like that before.


Toby Fox

Toby Fox

A mindful, curious nerd on a path of empathy, embodiment, and self-experimentation, Toby overflows with things he wants to create. He is a material minimalist, experiential maximalist, and digital curator. Loved ones have described him as "like psychedelics without taking psychedelics," "a personal museum and encyclopedia," and "a fully-formed human being." For these characterizations he is grateful and loves you too.



We founded Unfold as a Public Benefit Corporation. Where for-profit companies in the US are legally obligated to maximize profit for shareholders, benefit corporations are also legally bound to support a stated mission of public benefit. Unfold’s public benefit is “to help people thrive in life through intentional and engaging experiences of discovery, art, creativity, gratitude, presence, personal growth, and deep connection with others.”

Toby Fox & Ece Dogrucu