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Lucid Scheme

Lucid Scheme

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Lucid Scheme is a journey of playful co-creation for two. This downloadable PDF kit takes you through laughter and curiosity to a place of understanding, culminating in a story that is personalized by your choices.

What’s in the kit?

Downloadable PDF, for printing or digital use, containing:

  • Activity booklet with 12 activities to do together
  • Poster with fill-in-the-blanks story completed by your activities

Choose from three different color palettes for the kit.

How does it work?

You will receive an email with a PDF activity kit, which can be enjoyed digitally, though we recommend printing. Completing the activities in the kit will fill in the blanks of a story personalized just for you.

Who: 2 people

Good for: A playful trip for romantic couples or close friends

Pairs best with: Cannabis, a light dose of psychedelics or empathogens (see dosage info), or a nice cup of tea

Duration: 1–3 hours

Where: A cozy space

You’ll need:

  • A printer (recommended)
  • One piece of paper (if not printed)
  • A writing implement
  • Any substance you wish to pair (optional)


What are some of the activities in the kit? A few of the 12 activities are featured in the photos above, take a look!

Is it erotic? No. There are playful activities involving touch and contemplation, but nothing that wouldn't be suitable with a close friend.

Who is this for? Lucid Scheme is a couples activity kit to enjoy whether you’re on on your fifth date or fifth year together. It’s a playful experience of quality time, both perceptive and lighthearted, both to see each other and to laugh together.

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