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Sweet Spot

Sweet Spot

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Follow threads of emotional sustenance as you play, reflect, and get closer. Inspired by empathogens, Sweet Spot is designed to build on moments of joy with friends and loved ones.

What’s in the kit?

This kit contains everything you need to fill a trip or roll — apart from any substance you wish to pair with it — and you can pick and choose from activities, objects, and guidance intended to support a vibrant journey. Sweet Spot includes:

  • Ten sets of objects (show full list)
    • Toroflux/kinetic spring
    • Stethoscope (to truly be heard)
    • 2x eye masks/blindfolds
    • 6x adjustable hug rings
    • Small electric fan
    • A large extra-soft scarf
    • Scalp massager
    • 2x mochi squish creatures
    • 3x neon face/body paint pens
    • Pop Rocks
    • 6x completable “Certificates of Belonging”
    • Each item has a corresponding Activity Card with a playful shared activity using that item

  • Twenty-five illustrated activity cards
  • An opening ceremony
  • Music, videos, and meditations to deepen your journey
  • Safety information and guidance

How does it work?

Simply set aside a few hours, as you might for a board game, then open up the box and enjoy. You can check out the guide in the kit for optional tips beforehand.

Who: 2–6 people

Good for: Newcomers and experienced travelers

Pairs best with: A full dose of empathogens or cannabis* (dosage info)

Duration: 3–6 hours

Where: A cozy space

You’ll need:

  • Water
  • Any substance you wish to pair (optional)
*Also pairs well with psychedelics, with the caveat that you be up for some emotional introspection and reading comprehension during your trip.


Are there drugs in the kit? No

Is it legal? Yes

Is it erotic? No, there is nothing explicitly romantic in this kit, but there are playful, contemplative, and platonically intimate activities involving touch and connection.

Is it reusable? Yes, and you may find yourself returning to this kit over multiple sessions. It does contain a couple single-use items, and many items that you may want to share or use elsewhere.

Who is this for? If your love language is quality time, if you want to connect to your inner child, if you’re dedicated to growing into the best version of yourself, if you’re tired of doing the same thing on the weekends — then Sweet Spot is for you! Inspired by empathogens (such as MDMA, also known as ecstasy or molly) but also pairing well with cannabis, this kit is a playful exploration to be enjoyed as a romantic couple or with a group of friends.

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Customer Reviews

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Floris Wolswijk
Bringing Friends Closer

We had an amazing time exploring the box. There were so many items in there to explore, from the candy to the squeezy toys/figures. I can highly recommend you get this when you're journeying with friends!

Amy Salazar

We were so impressed with the quality and thoughtfulness that went into this product.
There are so many lovely details you will be delighted by and the packaging is absolutely beautiful.

Using this kit was a very special experience and the great thing is that it can be used multiple times!

Looking forward to the next time we dive in.

Connecting with those you care about most

My best friend got this for me as a gift, and I could not have imagined something more perfect for our group to experience together! The opening ceremony set an incredible tone for our roll together, and the activities they created ranged from thought-provoking, to lighthearted, to meaningful, to emotional. I feel like I have a new perspective to bring into my life, and such an awesome experience with some of the people I'm closest with. Thank you Unfold!!


It's a cool kit, and it really does enhance the trip. There were a ton of cards and objects and we didn’t use it all, but no regrets, and I can see us pulling it out again. If you're curious I would recommend!

Really great!

This was our first kit from Unfold and we dipped in and out, doing our own thing then coming back to it. It was such a sweet time and the mix of playful and thoughtful really worked for us. We’ve known each other for years but actually uncovered some new stuff. We recommend!