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Field Day

Field Day

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Engage your mind and senses with new spins on over a dozen classic trip toys alongside ceremony, playful activities, and conceptual provocations.

Field Day is an easygoing trip, great for two or more friends, and can be enjoyed anywhere you bring it.

What’s in the kit?

Pick and choose from activities, objects, and guidance intended to support a playful and friendly journey with:

  • More than a dozen classic trip toys (show full list)
    • 10-20x temporary tattoos
    • Large bubble wand
    • Laser light with changeable diffracting star pattern
    • 4x small mirrors (silver, black, and gold)
    • 2x diffraction glasses
    • 2x tinted glasses
    • Kaleidoscope prism glasses
    • Kalimba/thumb piano
    • Ornate magnifying glass
    • 2x sticks of unusual incense + incense holder
    • Kinetic sand
    • Spirograph set
    • 3x colorful dual tip pens
    • 4x coloring pages with psychedelic art
    • 4x colorful blank pages for art/letters/notes
    • Small flashlight
    • The Little Book of Thought Experiments
    • The trippiest packaging fill you've ever seen
    • Activity booklet contains playful and creative activities for each item

  • An opening ceremony
  • A booklet of activities
  • The Little Book of Thought Experiments
  • Music, videos, and meditations to deepen your journey
  • Safety information and guidance

With these you will:

  • Play
  • Explore
  • Try new things
  • Engage your senses in new ways
  • Wonder how
  • Get closer and laugh

How does it work?

Simply set aside a few hours, as you might for a board game, then open up the box and enjoy. You can check out the guide in the kit for optional tips beforehand.

Who: 2–8 people

Good for: Newcomers and playful trips

Pairs best with: A common dose of psychedelics, or cannabis (dosage info)

Duration: 3–6 hours

Where: Anywhere

You’ll need:

  • Water
  • Lighter or matches (optional)
  • Substance pairing (optional)


Are there drugs in the kit? No

Is it legal? Yes

Is it reusable? Yes, and you may find yourself returning to this kit over multiple sessions. It does contain some single-use items such as coloring pages and incense, and many items that you may want to share or use elsewhere.

Who is this for? Field Day is for the curious, philosophical, and kaleidoscopic. Use it as a trippy party game with friends — with nearly 20 sets of items inside there’s something for everyone — or as a gift for the psychonaut or stoner in your life. Goes great with psychedelics such as LSD (acid) and psilocybin (magic mushrooms), or go somewhere new with that old standby: weed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Amazing Kit with so much thought put into it!

The shipping was fast and easy, the packaging was amazing, the note was hand written, everything in the Kit was quality and everyone had SO MUCH FUN! This was a present for my girlfriend and it was %1000 worth it!

Played like a kid again

Field Day really feels just like that—a time to play, a break from the routine, and a true moment to be present. The little toys they provide, the games, everything is so perfect for a free and fun-loving time. It brings a whole new lens to your trip, and lets you reconnect with this sense of wonder we sometimes forget :)

Thoughtfully Curated

I am incredibly thankful that I stumbled upon Unfold when I did. A couple friends and I enjoyed the Field Trip box over a weekend. It brought out playfulness and curiosity in all of us. I have already recommended to several others. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Unfold.

Incredible value, oodles of fun

I wasn't sure what to expect but wow am I so happy with this box! I've used it a few different times now with different friends and everyone has found multiple things in it to love. I highly recommend buying this following the guide found just inside. You won't be disappointed : )

Meg F
Awesome trip

There’s a lot of fun stuff in here, the opening ceremony was really cute and the activities for all the items were great, easy to just pick up the booklet and do something. Great concept, we recommend!