Preparing for a Psychedelic Trip

This page has recommendations to feel your best before a trip. Please read our Best Practices page first for important considerations for tripping responsibly, such as deciding when and how and with whom to trip, choosing the right dose, how to approach challenges, and safety resources.

Preparing Yourself

  • Wear comfortable clothes. Or maybe: dress up for the occasion. Who would you like to be today? Choose loose or elastic clothing that feels soft and light on your body. Make sure you can get warm if you need; layers are good. Smooth and silky fabrics are good.
  • Eat a light meal beforehand. Don’t eat anything after two hours before the trip. Have water handy. Cold refreshing drinks like iced tea or juice are good. Light snacks like fruit are good.
  • Do some exercise. Yoga, a jog, or any way to get your body moving will help you feel more comfortable during your trip.
  • Set an intention. This can be as simple as an intention to connect with nature, friends, or yourself. Returning to your intention can help ground and guide you during your trip.

Preparing Your Space

Tripping in public — whether in nature, a park, or even a museum on a light dose — can be wonderful when done carefully. If you're in your own space, however, you can consider these steps for a welcoming setting.

  • Clean your space. Tidy up seating spaces like the couch, bed, pillows etc. Open windows to get fresh air into the space. Clear up clutter and wipe down surfaces. Maybe even give the bathroom a clean. Psychedelics can amplify sensitivity and a clean space feels great.
  • Cover all pieces of technology. Cover computer screens and televisions with a fabric or towel to put yourself in a timeless space. Let a loved one know what you’re up to, set phones to silent, and place them out of the way except to play music.
  • Create soft spaces in which to lounge. Blankets, pillows, warm or colorful lights for the evening. Places where you can lie down. Picnic blankets if you’re outside. Whatever makes you feel cozy and comfortable.
  • Change your space. You are doing something you don’t ordinarily do, so make your space feel different than it ordinarily does. Move a piece of furniture. Change up the lighting. Bring some art, books, or other treasures into center stage.

Preparing Your Trip

You don't need anything more than a safe and comfortable environment to enjoy psychedelics, but having some lightly-held plans can plant seeds that may bloom during the trip.

  • Start together. If this is a shared experience, start at the same time. Before you start, discuss desires, intentions, and boundaries.
  • Choose some music. View our music page for considerations and playlists.
  • Brainstorm some activities. This can simply be a piece of paper with a list of things you can pick and choose from during the trip. You may end up doing none of them, but it's lovely to have the option to choose a new direction for your trip. Go for a walk, write a letter to a friend or your sober self, play a familiar game, or have some art-making materials handy.
  • Enjoy our collection of digital activities.

Of course if you want an entire themed box of activities for your trip, check out our psychedelic trip kits!


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