Music for Psychedelic Trips

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Music can have an enormous effect on the psychedelic experience.

For many, only the most gentle music is suitable, so start there. Especially on a strong trip everything is amplified, so intense music can be too much.

Like other setting factors, the emotional valence of music has a strong influence even without you being aware that the music is having this effect. Changing the soundtrack can be a good way to nudge your trip in a different direction, and everyone in the trip should have veto power to change the music if it's making them uncomfortable.

Lie down and close your eyes to intensify the experience. This can be so engaging as to occupy much of a trip! If you wish to have music as a focus for part of your trip, we also recommend making your own playlist of the songs that resonate deeply with you.


Please enjoy the various playlists here. Remember that the free version of Spotify will include ads, which are no fun while tripping. You can always consider a free trial of a premium plan in order to listen without ads for your trip.

A soft, ambient, psychedelic-friendly playlist

Grounding and instrumental music, but with some more intense songs

Interesting playful eclectic provocative tripping music

Upbeat, curious, and easy

Broad-ranging, from beautiful and uplifiting to dark and difficult songs

Unusual ambient soundscapes

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