MDMA Supplements

MDMA poses serious health risks, and Roll Kit has done an incredible review of the scientific literature to attempt to minimize these risks with timed supplement packages. Roll Kit is made by our friends and we can attest to the quality of their research and care! Also, 10% off any purchases with code UNFOLD.

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"Nature's Empathogen"

Familiar with kanna yet? It’s a natural empathogen that is legal (at least in the US - check your local laws!), made from a South African succulent plant. It will leave you feeling more at ease, energized, and connected to those around you. Get 10% off with code UNFOLD.

PS: KA! products taste absolutely delicious!

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Test your drugs

Make sure you know that what you’re ingesting is what you think it is! Reagent test kits from Bunk Police can do this simply, affordably, and legally. Drug testing saves lives.

Test Your Drugs


For trusted, unique, concentrated micro-elixirs with mood-regulating and cognitive-enhancing herbs and fungi, check out Mycrodrops. Use code UNFOLD10 and get $10 off!

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Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

Psychedelics are powerful change agents, and you don’t have to navigate these journeys alone. Gwen is a licensed therapist and psychedelic assisted therapy practitioner in the state of CA and NY. Check out her website to work with her or benefit from her expertise using her journey journal.

Get Expertise

Legal mind-alteration

Visit Professor Seagull’s if you want access to wide range of legal mind altering substances. If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can also check out their store in North Beach and see their art exhibitions as well as find Unfold kits in person!

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